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Going for Improvements

Browsing through the internet we can realize some good guides for Jekyll blogs. Some of them contain really good ideas:

  • Adding comments capabilities (Be able to form a community and receive feedback)
  • Adding Google Analytics (Know how is visiting you)
  • Adding Social Media Sharing Capabilities (Facebook Like, Twitter, etc)
  • Constructing an Archive from Jekyll (Better navigation for users)

A great guide can be found here. In this guide, Joshua breifly describes how to add comments by using Disqus, how to create the archive page, how to add Google Analytics, and at last how integrate with Twitter.

I will do some adjustments to this blog using this guide and latter on comment on it. There are other guides on the Internet, I read some others but I found this one to be the most straight to the point.

Update I followed the guide and all which was commented is now on the site and working.