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7 Days at recurse.com

Today my seventh day at Recurse Center is over. The idea of this postis to reflect what happened from 3rd day until today.

Many of the thinks I have said before I would have liked doing at the begining of RC I haven’t even touched: for example: I did not solve any other Euler Project problem, did not work on Eudyptula Challenge and haven’t participated in any Social Events.

My third and fourth day I spent trying to understand Functional Programming and to about Clojure. Without success. I got stuck many times.

Getting Stuck seems to be the way of learning that there is some basic knowledge missing to continue the current task. I learnt during these days that in order to advance, I must be humble and ask for help.

This week was way better. I had the change to pair with a colleague that already knew Function Programming, just not Clojure. Luckily for me he wanted also to learn Clojure, so we went through 4clojure together. I am really glad because it unlocked many of the problems I was experiecing. He was very patient to explain even the basics to me.

After pairing with my colleague, Clojure started flowing a lot better. I also started following a MOOC called Functional Programming in Clojure, I strongly recommend it if you would like to learn Clojure.

Anyway, I think this will be the last post about myself at Recurse Center. I plan to start blogging in a different fashion from now on. I hope to see you in my next post, which will be available shortly. It will be about Functional Programming.