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Getting anxious and scared. 18 days to HS

I am officially going to Hacker School. I must accept that some days ago I started to get anxious because of everything I need to do, in order to get set to go to NYC. But this is actually the easy part.

The hard part is that I do not know what I will do there, and this really scares me. I just know I will be sorrounded by a lot of smart people, who really knows a lot about programming. I should pair with as many as possible to learn from different topics, but I have no clear objective.

Worse to all of this, is that I code during my day-to-day work on ABAP. This is not useful there, so I have the language barrier in two places: English and programming.

Since I will be allowed to be self-directed, I will ask if they think possible to try two very different things.

First, try something as low lever as a Kernel Hacking (First Half?). To my doom, I have not written a single line of C code since 2004?

Second, try something or functional (Julia?), or NojeJS/Web (Second Half?). Again, I only tried some JS for the application to HS, but the truth is I have no real experience on it.

Well, I better get reading about C and maybe try the Eudyptula Challengue.