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Other Recurser's solutions to CrackePop!

Some weeks ago a post about “CracklePop” in which I posted two implementations. The post can be found here. After the post, other Recurser’s shared with three more solutions. I decided to post them here.

Mark Dominus’s solution in Perl.

my @num = ("") x 101;
$num[$_*3] .= "Crackle" for 1..33;
$num[$_*5] .= "Pop"     for 1..20;
$num[$_] ||= $_ for 1..100;
shift @num;  # discard element 0
print join "\n", @num, "";

James Keene’s solution.

def fizzbuzz(a): 
return [a, "Fizz", "Buzz", "FizzBuzz"][(0x1241843 >> ((a % 15) * 2)) & 3] 


At last, with Jeff Fowler’s solution in Brain Fuck which can be found here

I am really amazed to see how many different solutions can be to a very trivial problem.

Mark’s solution I could understand just by reading the code. In order to understand James’s solution I re-writed in a language I knew and debugged the code in order to understand how it worked.

Jeff’s solution I gave up! It is in Brain Fuck and I really do not understand it at all. I found really cool to get to know a really strange computer languaged which I never heard before.

A big thanks to all who shared their solution!