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Jekyll adjustments for Blaggregator post-rc

It has been a long time since I got back from Recurse Center, and only now I realized that everything I write here still will appear on Blaggregator (An awesome service that I check out like every two days that contains blog posts from recursers).

How does Blaggregator works?

Once you subscribe to Blaggregator, it is possible for you to “Add your blogs” to it. By adding your blogs I mean you are able to add feed urls (RSS and Atoms I guess).

I there is a job which grabbs the feeds and parses it to see if there is a new entry.

Awesome, so what is the problem?

It turns out, I am using Jekyll, and when I suscribed to blaggregator I added the feed that came with the theme I use. All my posts are going to Blaggregator.

In order to be able to select what gets into Blaggregator, I will need to adjust the file which is generated by Jekyll as atom.xml or create a new one specially for the service.

Jekyll Adjustments##

  1. I copied the current atom.xml to atom_rc.xml. This way, I will have one full feed for the site, and one only for blaggregator for the RC related posts.
  2. I marked the relevant posts, with category recurse-center. Each post which shall be included in this new file requires this “tag”.
  3. Added the code which only picks if category contains “recurse-center”. Lines 18 and 27 of this GitHub gist.
  4. Remember to update your link at Blaggregator!

Conclusions & maybe apologies!

Maybe this is useful for other recurses which may also would like to select the posts which gets listed in blaggregator. This is the intention!

Apologies if by making this change in my blog all my old posts gets re-published! :-(